Established in 1977 by the Moffo family, Marsala Manufacturing prides itself in having become a legacy in the jewelry world. What began as a small company in Columbus, OH known for its hand crafted sterling silver and gold jewelry collections, Marsala quickly rose to the ranks as a key supplier to a variety of department and specialty stores across the country.


Marsala’s unrelenting commitment to quality and innovation are the foundation of our relationships with our customers and is what sets Marsala apart from its competition. We invest heavily in consumer centric, product research providing us with the platform to create new category concepts and brands that allow our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. These market insights coupled with our design and merchandising expertise enable us to proactively forecast future trends and develop first-to-market products. 


Staying true to its roots, Marsala currently specializes in the design and manufacturing of private label bridge and fine jewelry utilizing only the best materials and craftsmanship. With deep sourcing capabilities, our focus is on innovation. Innovative materials, merchandising platforms and designs all backed by extensive consumer research.


Commitment to quality and reliability are at the foundation of Marsala’s relationships with their customers and the dedication to innovation that truly sets Marsala apart. We invest in consumer and product research to create new concepts, collections, and brands to help our retail customers differentiate themselves in the marketplace.